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Database structure and data modelling

In order to enable a greater interlinking across items, articles, properties and values, certain values in this instance are imported as items. For now, these are the ones to correspond with the properties: Keywords(P9), Publication type (P10) and Item type (P12). In the future, other values for properties such as author names or affiliations/research labs can be turned into items, to allow for a greater inter-connectivity and more complex queries.

To help identify the actual research items (papers, chapters, articles etc) please use P12 as the last statement for the item, as follows: P12 = Q9

Get in touch / contribute

If you want to get in touch with the administrator of the instance with any suggestions or queries or anything really, feel free to get in touch with Christos or drop an email at

Please note that the admin of this instance has very little experience in setting up wikibase instances :)

Thus, any and all comments and suggestions are truly welcome!

If you want to participate and contribute, feel free to create an account/log in and start adding.

Items to add

Below is a regularly updated list of items to be added next, if you want to get started but don't know what to start with. Feel free to add to this list and to take away items that you've added.